PressPoints Newsletter
Volume 2 -- Issue 8
August 5, 2002

The Oedipus Syndrome Book Special Offer!
Book1 -- Part1
“The Present”

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From The Editor
Your Way To Get Published

Fresh N' Hot
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Features Old And New

Point Of View
Say What? Who Me?

Snipes n' Gripes
The Underlying Forces Of Group Dynamics

Nice n' Light
Growing Up Sicilian - American

Diet n' Down
Life Is A Box Of Choc'lates

Quill n' Pen
Seven Steps To Better Humor Writing

Readers n' Writers
Hear ye, Hear ye! Now Available On; Compliments Of A Thief

Nuts n' Bolts
On The Road Again

Slaps n' Smacks
Welfare Stinks!

Nuggets n' Nothings
Rich In Awe Of How The Poor Live As They Do

Gamin n' Gamblin'
The Most Profitable Strategies In Craps

Travel n' Tips
Obese Passangers Demand Their Rights

Here n' Now
Weird News From My Wild And crazy Computer



"Oh, she has her ways, hijo. You'll know what women's ways are when you’re older."
-- The Oedipus Syndrome --

In November of 2000,, along with the new millennium, opened its publishing and website doors. We are a publishing company in web design, development, hosting, e-publishing of our own publications as well as promoters and publishers for up and coming authors in all genres. We are also committed to special high priority marketing for all our own E-Publications, as well as those from Content Reserve e-Books listed on our website, In that spirit we will feature the wares of other guest artists of across the board genres.

Our Features Are: E-Books; E-Novellas; E-Short Stories; E-Travelogs; E-Newsletter and soon to come pulp editions of our best selling E-Novels Series, "The Oedipus Syndrome". Our website provides for fast, easy ordering and offers many methods of payment. Our titles list features fiction and non-fiction in all genres along with publisher and reader reviews, sample chapters, author bios and title statistics. Our guest pastry site in the E-Baker's Corner is Giusto's Biscotti and our featured artisans are Peter of Arts, who designs Our Own Sterling Silver Line and Mary Giusto, whose oil paintings and framed needle work will be offered soon.

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